At Rascher Plumbing & Heating, we understand that no other single system plays a larger role in your comfort or how much your utility bill will be than your heating system. Our goal is to keep your hot water based heating system running efficiently year-round. You can always expect professional and courteous service from our heating technicians.

Service & Repair

We provide full service heating work with dedicated staff to ensure ongoing system maintenance, quick repair, and emergency response.


We are certified in performing fuel burning safety tests in your home or on your property. We have electronic equipment to test for gas leaks and carbon monoxide levels to determine the safety of your heating appliances. We test the level of Carbon Monoxide and its level of safety to your heating appliance. Upon completion and examination of this rigid protocol, the certified professional will determine if any unsafe conditions are found and what is involved to correct any condition considered unsafe.


We specialize in comfortable, cost-effective heating solutions, including boilers, radiators, towel warmers, in-floor radiant heat and snow melting systems. We specialize in retrofitting older homes or buildings with new heating systems. We’ll also take on the installation of systems in new buildings from the ground up.

  • In-Floor Radiant Heat: We have many comfortable solutions for radiant warm floors in new construction and below your existing floors. Let us warm your floor. It will be the most comfortable investment that you have ever made.
  • Snow Melting: We’ve been installing snow melting systems since the 1960s. Today’s technology allows snow melt systems to be used in many safe, economical and practical applications. Commercial snow melting includes building entrances, handicap access areas and loading docks. Residential snow melting includes driveways, sidewalks, steps, steep or north facing surfaces, and garage floors. Among the snow melt benefits are safety, reduced maintenance and extended pavement life.
  • Boilers: Are you looking to replace your worn out boiler or just make a major increase in your energy savings? We install non-condensing, 84% boilers and 95 plus % efficient condensing boilers. A boiler replacement today could reduce your energy cost by as much as 40%.
  • Infrared Heating for Garages
  • Wall Panel Radiators & Towel Warmers