Company History

Rascher Plumbing and Heating was established in 1912 by Carl William Rascher, who started in the industry as an apprentice in the year 1898. With hard work, efficient operation, good management, and a sincere endeavor to serve the public, the business was built.

Through the years, our work has required a high degree of craftsmanship. These qualities have been acquired through professional training and trade association membership. Association service has played an important role in giving back to the industry that has provided for our family for 100 years. The leadership roles have allowed us to continue the proud heritage of the plumbing industry and create public health and safety through proper plumbing for current and future generations.

For 100 years, Rascher Plumbing and Heating has served residential and commercial customers throughout the East Metro area. Four generations of Raschers have understood that personalized service to their customers is the key to continued success.